Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Reasons for Accidents


In an impending encounter with humans, it is usually the bear that first gets wind of the approaching person or group, which gives it plenty of time to retreat comfortably and avoid an unwanted face-to-face. Even if reckless actions by humans are geared to tease or provoke it, the bear typically proves to be the ‘smarter’ party in a potential conflict. The rare occasions where humans are indeed attacked by a bear can be due to one or more of the following reasons:

- a surprise appearance of a human at less than 10 meters’ distance;

- when protecting their young: a mother bear treats any human presence as a threat to her offspring;

- when guarding their meal, i.e. if surprised while eating.

Incidents involving humans and bears are due to the bear being gravely provoked and irate, wounded, or chased; to humans purposely or inadvertently intruding into its den; or to the bear being chased by dogs, fired at, or otherwise startled or alarmed.

Encounters with bears in the wild are best avoided altogether. Never approach a bear, especially a young cub! The mother may be close by and is likely to be dangerous while protecting her young!


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