Monday, October 25, 2021
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Disturbance as a result of human activity


Brown bears in this country have lost much of their favorite breeding grounds, where once they used to find food, give birth to their young and live without being bothered. Since man set foot in those areas, they became off limits to bear. Many people in the towns and villages close to bear habitats are unemployed. They seek livelihood in logging, or in harvesting herbs, mushrooms and forest fruits, causing a manifold increase in the number of humans intruding in bear country. In addition to disturbing bears, human activity causes depletion of their food sources.

More and more once pristine plots of land are built up with summer houses or developed into resort areas. The number of abandoned villages, hamlets and individual houses overgrowing with vegetation is rising. At places the habitats of humans and bears are almost merging together. This is the reason for more and more frequent encounters in depopulated areas.



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